Store Closing Status

As of 9/6/23:

  • 98-01 Interior sets remain in stock.  (Dome/Map or Overhead Console + Cargo and Floor Lights)
  • 84-97 Interior Light sets are sold out
  • Free Shipping cutoff is reduced to $35.00.  

As of 8/26/23:

Inventory continues to shrink.

Interior light sets remain in stock, though many no longer include visor LEDs.  Kit price has been reduced.

Exterior and instrument light sets are sold out.

No leds will be restocked.

Recommendations for sourcing LEDs:

  • Stick with known brands (Phillips comes to mind).
  • Quality LED strip and 'universal' type LED panels are an option with considering.

Other things to consider:

  • amazon, ebay, superbrightleds are generally poor sources for long-lasting leds.  They may have great reviews because the work great at first, but their products tend to expire prematurely.
  • many bulbs used in the XJ have no 'standard' LED replacements.  Most of the instrument lights fit this category and some of the interior lights (97-01 floor well and 98-01 dome lamp come to mind).
  • even if not installing leds, cleaning dirty lenses and replacing old stock bulbs may improve things