97-01 XJ Reverse + License Plate Light Set

97-01 XJ Reverse + License Plate Light Set

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  • Two reverse light LEDs
  • One License Plate LED


  • I have four twelve! sets of these available.
  • This and the interior led set are the best and most functional improvements that can be made to XJ with under $100 and hand tools.  Do the reverse LED upgrade.  It's great.  You'll actually be able to see crap that's behind you.
  • To source them yourself, search 3156 White LED.  You'll need two, of course.  Light color is a personal choice.  Mine are neutral white.  Warm will have a redish tint and cool will have a bluish tint.  I would either go with a named brand like Philips / Sylvania or find an LED seller that you're comfortable with.  Most of the lights on Amazon and ebay are relatively low quality and will often stop working after 6 to 12 months of use.  There are probably some exceptions, but that's what one should expect when buying no-name / unknown-brand LEDs through those markets.
  • The license plate uses a T10 led.  This requires a small led if I remember correctly.  You'll need something less than 30mm long, probably less than 13mm wide, that outputs at least some light on the side.  That should be about 1" x 1/2" or smaller in freedom units.