97-01 XJ Brake Light Set, Misc

97-01 XJ Brake Light Set, Misc

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97-01 XJ Brake Light LED Set

*These are composed of samples and old stock, but otherwise new leds.  The only down-side is that since I never sold them, I don't have feedback on their longevity.  I sought high quality sample leds and these are from those samples.  I'm listing these in case anyone wants to take a chance.  Limit 1 set.

*None of these are from the 'hell no' parts bin that were of poor quality, design or just priced too cheap to have quality components.


  • Two main brake light LEDs
  • One High Center brake light


  • Fits 97-01 XJ, US/Canada/Mexico versions only (others often have a different rear lamp)
  • This a small red plastic led and two large leds.  Big ones go in the main lamps and the small one in the high-center brake lamp.
  • Install notes: Brake leds should work in most XJs without other lamp modifications.  If the Jeep has LED turn signals, all bets are off and I won't be able to help.  They should work with regular four-pin and seven-pin trailer harnesses though.