97-01 XJ Brake Light Set, Cree

97-01 XJ Brake Light Set, Cree

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  • Two main brake light LEDs
  • One High Center brake light


  • Really bright.
  • Very Red.
  • Fits 97-01 XJ, US/Canada/Mexico versions only (others may have a different rear lamp)
  • My experience was 4 1/2 years before the lights started failing.
  • Install notes: Brake leds should work in most XJs without other lamp modifications.  If the Jeep has LED turn signals,  a factory trailer harness, any aftermarket wire harness, any brake controller, strobe lamps, or any other lighting modification, they may not work.
  • They do seem to work fine with basic four-wire trailer lamp harnesses disconnected and hooked up to a trailer.

Main Brake Lamp LEDs:

  • Product Name: 3157, 6x Cree XP-E, Red
  • Type: 3157
  • Emitter: 6x Cree XP-E
  • Polarity: Single
  • Power Control: Constant Power
  • Operating Range: 10-15V
  • Power: 0.8W @ 12V, 0.07A / 6.0W @ 12V, 0.50A
  • Dimensions: 57mm (L) x 18.3mm Diameter, 16mm (W) Base
  • Light Color: Red

Center Brake LED:

  • Product Name: T10 End-Mounted High Power Chip with Lens, Red
  • Type: T10
  • Emitter: 1x Phillips
  • Polarity: Dual
  • Power Control: Constant Current
  • Operating Range: 10-15V DC
  • Power: 1.2W @ 12V, 0.10A
  • Dimensions: 28.5 x 10.5 x 10.5mm
  • Light Color: Red