97-01 XJ Brake Light Set, Cree

97-01 XJ Brake Light Set, Cree

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  • Two main brake light LEDs
  • One High Center brake light


  • Pretty bright, but I went with the lowest power I could.  LEDs exist in this size that are much brighter than these, but these are almost too bright as is.
  • Fits 97-01 XJ, US/Canada/Mexico versions only (others often have a different rear lamp)
  • No instructions and no label - these will have a small red plastic led and two large leds.
  • Only seven sets available (unless I find more)
  • Other places I've found selling one of these brake lights for $40.  Seems high, but just one brake light was nearly $8 wholesale before covid and the small light about $2.  With shipping, package, and label, plus fees to sell, it cost me close to $20 to sell each set of these, so never really made much.  In any case, I'm trying to say that they are expensive for a reason - everything cheaper that I tried sucked and sadly, lots of customers experienced failed LEDs because of it.  I don't think any customers have had problems with these brake lights and mine are still working *cross fingers* after almost five years.  Also, I emailed everyone that purchased the other types free replacements with these.  If you had some that failed, let me know before these are gone so I can replace them.
  • Install notes: Brake leds should work in most XJs without other lamp modifications.  If the Jeep has LED turn signals, all bets are off and I won't be able to help.  They should work with regular four-pin and seven-pin trailer harnesses though.

If you are looking for Reverse/Backup LEDs: I am sold out of Reverse Lamp leds. If you want those, and I highly recommend them, find yourself a pair of 3156 White LEDs. I recommend finding some with Cree chips or any philips/sylvania brand modules. Still, since the reverse lights aren't on very often (unless you install an override that gives you a toggle switch for off-road/camping use), even cheap ones from amazon should work for years without problem.