LED for Jeep Comanche MJ B-Pillar Lamps, Custom Made, Sold Each

LED for Jeep Comanche MJ B-Pillar Lamps, Custom Made, Sold Each

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As of September 29, I have just over 40 of these remaining. They were custom made for the stock MJ B-Pillar lamps. I'm not certain if they fit anything else on the MJ. I believe this oddball comes from Renault's partnership with AMC as the only other reference I could find to this size bulb pointed to French vehicles.

Anyway, this wasn't something I did expecting to make money. I did it because it was nice to be able to solve a problem that otherwise would require a bit of fabrication. I went with high quality chips on these since I expected it was a one-time thing and something I wanted to last. My cost was $3.21 each.

Product Name: 37.5mm Festoon LED, 3x Cree XB-D

Product SKU: 1WL-10L

Type: Festoon, 37.5mm

Emitter: 3x Cree XB-D

Polarity: Dual

Power Control: Constant Power

Operating Range: 10-15V DC

Power: 2.0W @ 12V, 0.17A

Dimensions: 37.5 x 12.5 x 9.5mm

Light Color: Neutral White

Addition Information:

  • Special light made for the Jeep Commanche B-Pillar Lamps. Please let us know if you find any other uses for it. Otherwise it is unlikely more will be made.