1156 / 1157 Exterior LEDs, Bulk 250pcs, 84-96 XJ?

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Bulk pack of LEDs - purchased as part of an aborted plan to expand store.  I'll eventually get these packs posted on ebay or someplace that random stuff like this might sell.

These particular LEDs were purchased for testing in the 84-96 Jeep Cherokee XJ.  I believe I sent one test set out, but I stopped well short of finding out if they worked.  I did test them in lamp assemblies I pulled from junk yard cherokees.  They do fit well and are plenty bright enough, but I can't speak to what electrical challenges may need overcome to get them to work.

My cost was $3.60 - $3.95 each for these, except for the first 10 pieces, which were $3 each.  They are what I'd consider high quality, but probably not as good as leds with branded (Cree/Philips/OSRAM/etc) chips.  Also, retail for these is probably closer to $8 - $10 each rather than $15 - $20 each for an LED with branded chips.  This should be a good deal for anyone already set up to sell leds or has a strong drive to convert several 84-96 Jeep Cherokee (XJ) to LED exterior lights.   Feel free to copy listing info from the site if purchasing for resell.

Manifest follows:

  • (Pcs): Item; Description
  • (10): 1156 21x 3030 Chips, Neutral White; Single Mode (on/off) Sent out as lights for reverse lamps - no feedback to speak of, but the version of these led that fits the 97-01 had no reported problems)
  • (46): 1156 78x 3014 Chips, Neutral White; Single Mode (on/off) Intended for use in reverse / backup lamp
  • (48): 1156 78x 3014 Chips, Amber; Dual Mode (dim/bright/off) for use in turn signals, generally rear turn signals
  • (48): 1157 78x 3014 Chips, Amber; Dual Mode (dim/bright/off) for use in turn signals, generally front turn signals
  • (50): 1156 78x 3014 Chips, Red; Single Mode (on/off) Intended for use in XJ rear lamps - I noticed some lamp assemblies had more than just a single red lamp on each side.  These weren't tested in an actual XJ, so I'm not sure how useful they may be for that purpose.
  • (48): 1157 78x 3014 Chips, Red; Dual Mode (dim/bright) Intended for use in brake lamps.