Winding Down & Moving On

After eight years, I'm ready to leave the automotive LED world behind.  I should be able to offer interior and instrument sets for several months, though I don't expect to make it to the end of the year.  I've halted turn-signal lights for the 97-01 XJ due to reported problems that I've been unable to solve.  If I figure something out, I'll share what I learn and offer my remaining stock, which should be enough for a dozen or so Jeeps.

If anyone is interested in taking over in some fashion, please let me know.  I think there is some opportunity to offer leds for other vehicles.  I fall a bit short on the marketing / networking side of things and that's what it would take to expand.

Eventually, I like to think all new vehicles will come with LEDs, though incandescent bulbs are several times cheaper, easier to integrate, and more reliable than LEDs, so it will likely be a while before they disappear entirely.

I'll likely run a sale sometime this summer, but I can't say exactly when, for how long, and under what terms.  We're planning to move from Virginia to Northern Michigan, so any timeline is dependent on that.

Unless someone else decides to carry One Way Light forward, I intend to retain spare parts for a year or so after closing down and while I'll keep the website open in some fashion, it won't be as a store.

I've taken up 3d printers as a hobby and created a website for 3d printer parts -  It's very niche, kinda like leds for XJs!

Thanks!  It's been a pleasure!