Update, 29 September

  • Next shipping date: Tuesday, October 5
  • Four sets of reverse LEDs are available.  I don't expect to find any more later.  If sold out, check the product page.  They are easy to buy elsewhere and I recommend you do once these are gone.
  • If anyone out there runs an LED store and is interested in my excess non-XJ specific inventory at below wholesale cost, please contact me.  I'm not a huge fan of ebay, but that's where it is otherwise headed.  Primarily, the excess consists of small leds, primarily T10, but also some festoon, 3156/3157, T5, 1156/1157, and likely a few I'm forgetting.
  • I should have enough interior kits to continue operating through the holidays.  Instrument sets will probably sell out before then.
  • My goal is to end this with enough cash to pay off my business loan (this shouldn't be a problem) and refurbish my XJ (this could be, but it's nice to have goals).