Update, 25 September

Added Blue and Red instrument led sets!

  • Blue is great!  I'm keeping one to put in my XJ the next time I have it apart.
  • Red involves several compromises - check the product page for more details.  It is discounted, so there is an up side.

Dug out more leds from the storage unit.

  • No Backup/Reverse lights.  It seems I misplaced them or sold out.  I wouldn't hold my breath though.  To replace 97-01 XJ Reverse Lamps with LEDs, look for a 3156 White LED.  I recommend going with something from a name brand like Philips/Sylvania or find a specialty LED store that mentions Cree, Osram, or some other named brand chip.  I would expect to pay $20 or so for a pair of something from a named brand and between $40 and $80 for a pair from a specialty store.
  • Brake Lights and excess Turn Signal LEDs: No estimate for when they'll be available.  Unfortunately, other things have priority.

Interior and Instrument Light sets are mostly packaged now.  In general, I expect to have all sets available until stock is pretty close to running out.  Between the light sets there are several overlapping parts.  I should have enough of all interior sets to last through the holidays, though instrument sets may sell out earlier.

I'll try to update when I have new info... once every week or two.  Last week's update was pretty light, so I skipped publishing.

Thanks as always,
Jason @ One Way Light