Update, 13 September 2021

Most lights are unpacked into the temporary house and the website is updated with sets that are ready to ship.  Once sold out, none of these will be restocked.

Upcoming (through the end of the year):

  • Color instrument led sets
    • 97-01 Blue (couple dozen)
    • 84-96 Blue (handful)
    • 84-96 Red (handful - there are a couple compromises to make red sets, but they should work well enough)
    • 97-01 Red (handful - quite a few compromises - these will be cheap... red just doesn't work well, but I made some sets since it was repeatedly requested over the years)
  • Exterior
    • 97-01: Backup, I'll have a few sets to offer.
    • 97-01: Brake, Possibly a few sets to offer.
    • 97-01: Turn signal... possibly a few sets, but very cheaply since there have been issues with them blinking properly.  something in the last batch changed and there is some issue with how the front lights flash.  I believe they work well enough if one stock bulb is retained in each front lamp assembly.  These will be sold cheap, but the buyer is on their own.
    • 84-96: I have them, but they are untested and will require the Jeep to have a five-pin combined flasher/turn relay module.  This should be stock in some of the later models (94?-96 or so).  Earlier models will have separate relays for turn signals and flasher functions.  I can't help with setting things up, but info is out there.  These will be sold cheap, but the buyer is on their own.
  • Interior
    • 97 & 98-01 Light sets without visor leds - I'll offer sets without visor leds since it still makes for an outstanding improvement to Interior lighting.  I resisted including visor leds, but relented and added them after repeated requests.  Expect these sets to be a few dollars cheaper than current light set prices... 20% or so.
    • 98-01 Individual LEDs - I should have some 98-01 dome lights leftover.  This is a custom made led.  I had about 1000 made in the last batch... I expect to have about 500 leftover after kits are complete.  They do work great in stock mopar under hood lamps, but I'm really tired of soldering the mounting wires to them.

Lastly - Once I've sold down the supply of light sets, I will probably put remaining stocks on ebay so this doesn't draw out any longer than necessary.  If anyone is interested in this stuff, let me know.