Store Closing Promotions

UPDATE: 3/14/2023

We're down to interior light sets and a handful of instrument sets.  I'm low on ready-to-ship inventory, so discounts are on hold.  Once I find a day or two to do assembly and package another few hundred sets, discounts will be back.

In the mean-time, if anyone is interested in remaining inventory, do let me know.  As of today, I have parts for at least 300 interior sets consisting of the current interior set parts except visor lights.  The vasy majority of these are for 98-01 models.



It's time to close shop.

It's been a great experience being able to help light up XJs over the years!  Unfortunately, interest has gone down as the XJ has aged and it's time for me to move on to other projects.

As items sell out don't expect them to be restocked.

I hate to say this, but "get it before it's gone" definitely applies here.


  • As of 11/29/22 discount is at 30% for orders over $40.  No plans are in place to increase the discount.
  • Some items may ship with some spare lights.  I tried to make this automatic, but the store doesn't support it without expensive add-ons.
  • Anyone interested in purchasing remaining led stock should contact me through the website.
  • All sales are final.